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“I said hey, what’s going on?”

Alright! Let’s start blogging in English. It’s totally a new thing for me and I don’t even know whether l can do it right or not, because of the grammar. I have no idea is it going to be like when I’m writing in Turkish. Hell no! I’ve already thought a lot on the previous sentences. Never mind, let me try it.

Why am I doing this for? I’ve planned to turn my website ( into a portfolio. So, that part will be in English. I thought; what about the blog then? I guess my posts should be in English too. Also, it’ll be good for improving my grammar.

First of all, I wanted to thank my dear friend Alim for correcting my grammar mistakes since summer and making me more confident on every shit that I’ve written in English.

For so long, I was writing about “This is what I’ve learned recently!” kinda stuff, but today I want to write a real, personal, diary-ish blog! YAY! Feeling excited. Where should I begin?

While I’m not writing my personal things in here I’ve learned what’s important for me. I guess it’s the most hard-earned thing in this life: Freedom. It’s coming along with responsibility but trust me, it’s worth it. If I can be truly myself and feeling no pressure for doing anything, I’m the happiest person alive. Note to self; don’t you DARE limit yourself.

In the last few weeks, I was working on my dreams. I want to be an Erasmus Traineeship for the summer. I’ve updated my resume and written a badass (probably full of grammar mistakes) cover letter. I’ve applied to twelve or more agencies/companies. One of them responded really quick than I would have expected. Today we were going to make a Skype interview but the agency’s schedule couldn’t fit in. So I hope we can do it in next week. It’ll be my first interview in English and I’m excited as hell.

This semester I have TEN different classes. I wonder who is planning this shitty syllabus?! (I hope one of my dearest teachers isn’t reading this post.) Also, I have to work as a freelancer too. Perfect. On the other hand, I want to do dozens of things like I have so much time. I’m still not good at playing the ukulele, shame on me. I’m not drawing anything but customers commissions. I’m not reading as much as I should. Is it because of my lovely (!) school or me? I suck at time management and so good at sleeping like a panda. Maybe I’m blaming other things to comfort myself. Anyway, this semester I want to do something for myself too. Life is not about lying in the bed forever, right? I want a bedspread that’s written “This bed is a dangerous comfort-zone. Leave it immediately!” on it. With a sign of skull-death-risk maybe. Why not.

I’m trying to gain weight. Because I’m still 45 kgs (or 99 pounds) and tired of saying “Oh no, I’m not that little.” So In the past few days, I ate A LOT. Maybe I can get help from a fitness instructor about this. I have no idea. I should just keep eating I guess.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Last part of the post. Life is so strange. It’s just happening. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. It’s like the sea and we are a ship. It doesn’t matter, stormy or still, we have to use our helms to go further. Most of the time it’s coming with a freakin’ tsunami for god’s sake! Also full of surprises too. I just want to thank you for every moment that’s helped me who I’ve become today.

Sometimes a toilet brush can make you happy in a way that you can’t even imagine. True story. Note that!

See you around!


  1. Ferhat

    The writings are as beautiful as your designs. I am following..Both are really inspiring Even if I can not design,I will write code for now. achievements 🤗

  2. Ahmet Cerit

    My teacher İlber Ortaylı speaks English like Turkish. I think, you are writing English like you wrote in Turkish 🙂 . I guess, we can not block this 🙂 Anyway, good luck in your interview 🙂 .

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