A story from a decade ago that affected me deeply

A story from a decade ago that affected me deeply

A few weeks ago, Nora, who works as an English teacher in my company, recommended me to listen to this amazing story by Andrew Solomon which takes place in Afghanistan when he travels there to find art. I wanted to share it here as well. Click here to listen. I also want to share this amazing quote from that recording.

“There’s a kind of joy, which is possible only after you’ve been profoundly depressed.”

Andrew Solomon

I realized that Andrew Solomon told the story to The Moth on Oct 21, 2010. It’s fascinating to know that there is a story from a decade ago that I can deeply relate to. I cannot believe there are many stories, books, and movies we don’t know about yet that can make us feel all the feels.

After listening to the story, I had lots of thoughts. Despite living in a democratic country, it’s hard to feel free here in Turkey if we look from an artist’s perspective. There will always be someone who’s judging you because of how you dress up to the stage. If you create art that’s criticizing the government, there will be the deuce to pay. In other words, we basically don’t have the freedom of thought and cultural allowableness to be the person we want to be.

I was OBSESSED to leave this country for years just because I don’t feel free. Now, I completely changed my perspective. I don’t watch the news, and I live like I’m somewhere I can do whatever I want. I stopped letting the things I cannot control affect how I live my life. It started to get much better.

Nevertheless, I’m hopeful about our future. I know there will be better days. I can’t wait to write a celebration post about an election result that I’m happy with, which hasn’t happened since 2003. Such a long time to stay sane despite that weirdo!


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